The goal of the HUGODECA project is to describe the organization of the developing human gonads and to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying sex determination. In order to do so, the project aims to make major advances in the following complementary areas:
• scRNA- and ATAC-seq of human fetal gonads, with assessment of cell surface markers by flow cytometry (WP1);
• ST and ISS leading to the generation of 2D and 3D expression maps of targeted genes at single-cell resolution (WP2);
• Spatial proteomics based on diverse imaging methods (WP3);
• Software development to enable the integration of large OMICS data with imaging data (WP4);
• Organotypic culture models to evaluate the consequences of signaling pathways directing sex-specific differentiation and endocrine disruptors on gonadal development (WP5).


Funding codes:
  • 874741

Public web page:

Organisms: Homo sapiens

HUGODECA-DM PALs: Laurence Noël

Project start date: 1st Jan 2020

Project end date: 30th Jun 2022

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